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In 1990, Victoria Marine sent out a questionnaire to 223 possible members of a 'Victoria Boat Owners Association'. On the 4th December 1990, a further letter was sent to the same people with the results of the survey and this letter is the oldest surviving document in our records.

Over 100 owners had taken part in the survey and some of the results have helped to shape the association we have today. Examples are: Several requested an 'Owners List' which forms the basis of our Handbook; 88% were in favour of a combined AGM and Dinner to be held in London, which has become our Annual Luncheon and General Meeting at the Corinthian Sailing Club in Hammersmith; 94% in favour of 'Cruising Events' that have became our rallies; several responses requested an 'Owners Manual' and that was the beginning of our Technical Manuals.

The response was sufficiently encouraging that potential members were asked to sign up, and pay up, at the London Boat Show in 1991. The annual subscription was initially set at £25 p.a!

The Inaugural Meeting was held on the 10th March 1991 at the Warsash Sailing Club. 41 members were in attendance out of 73, who had paid their subscriptions. Peter Gregory took the Chair temporarily to welcome everyone before handing over to Olive Hathaway, who took the Chair with the agreement of all members attending.

The following elections were made unanimously:


The aims of the Association are:


The Association operated under a set of rules for many years. In November 2004, the Committee decided to embark on a revision of these rules. This revision was very thorough with the majority of the work being undertaken by Barrie Marson but with the whole Committee being actively involved.

To emphasis the extent of the changes and the aims of the document, the name was changed from 'Rules' to the 'Constitution of The Victoria Shadow Association'. The new constitution was approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on the 18th November 2007. It can be found on our Publications page.

The Committee

The Committee consists of the Officers and up to two other Members.

Committee Members are elected by Members at a General Meeting to serve for one year only or until the next Annual General Meeting, when they retire, but may offer themselves for re-election.

The Committee may appoint a Member to fill a vacancy for a Committee Member during the course of a year to serve until the next Annual General Meeting.

Three Committee Members constitute a quorum.

Current Officers of the Association

If you are a member, and logged in to the forums, you can click here for a list of the current Officers of the Association, plus notices for any vacant positions.

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