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Anchor Snubber F26 Cutter

I have what i believe is an anchor snubber consisting of 9m of 8 plait with a rusty thimble on the end and a galvanised shackle. I haven't used it yet and was wondering how this would fair against the bob-stay. I'm considering making a V-Bridle snubber to run through the bow fairleads rather than the second bow roller as I believe the current single line snubber would have been set up.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how i should be setting up my anchor snubber? Am I worrying unnecessarily about the bobstay being snagged by the anchor chain / snubber?

Picture of my bow layout is attached (sorry the website rotates it no matter how i save the image file!)



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Re: Anchor Snubber F26 Cutter

Robert I was anchored in Newtown Creek last week and whilst I didn't use a snubbed the chain did foul the bobstay as the boat swung in the wind but I was only there a couple of hours. I have used clear plastic piping on the bobstay which works OK but does not relieve the pressure, just the friction.  Ideally a V shaped snubber would likely alleviate all but the wildest swings I reckon but for short periods maybe not a big deal?

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Re: Anchor Snubber F26 Cutter

I can't comment on how you protect it from chafe, but there is an interesting article about this here: … sible-way/ For me the take-away was that the idea is to have as much stretch in the snubber as possible so you want to to be as long as possible. I run it over the bow and back to the midships cleat rather than to the cleats on the bow to give maximum stretch. Actually I rarely use it, I'm usually anchoring in fairly deep water and I mostly find the catenary of the chain is sufficient without a snuffer.


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