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[FS] Cruising chute, jib for Victoria 34 (non-member)

Jane Lambert has contacted web@ about the sale of two sails for a Victoria 34.

Sail 1:

  • No 2 jib

  • Luff 12.3m

  • Leach 10.7m

  • Foot 4.2m

  • Cross cut  in 8oz Dacron with 5.5mm luff rope for roller furling.

In very good condition

Sail 2:

  • Cruising Shute by Shore Sails, complete with Snuffer by Suffolk Sails and 20m sheets.

  • Luff 12.27m

  • Leach 13.8m

  • Foot 5.75m

  • In 1.5oz nylon material.

In excellent condition, very little use.

Unfortunately I have no idea regarding age.
For the Jib....£650.
For the Cruising  Shute/snuffer and sheets ...£900
Am happy to discuss reasonable offers -

Please contact them directly with any questions.


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