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#1 2024-04-04 17:31:20

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Switching to LiFePO4?

Has anyone made the switch?

How do you keep the bank at less than 100% charge when leaving the boat unattended for a period of time, given lithium batteries are the opposite of lead acids and should not be kept at 100% to avoid shortening the lifespan?

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Re: Switching to LiFePO4?


We recently swapped to LiFePO4's for house batteries in Mithril (F26). We are using a DC-DC charger from the engine battery for now with no external charging other than the alternator so switch things on and run the batteries down a bit when at the boat and engine is not running. It's a bit hot and miss and my son and I were debating how we install solar charging and not keep these at 100%. Simplest would be to disconnect when we are absent and just float charge the lead acid engine battery but likely something would end up left in the wrong mode at some point. If you find a good solution I would be interested.




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