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Victoria 34 SYMPHONY

'Symphony' is a Victoria 34 Sloop owned by Mark and Sheesh Bloomfield.

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Re: Victoria 34 SYMPHONY

Attached are some pictures of Symphony taken in 2007 on one of the few days we managed to get out in really pleasant weather.

The early morning picture shows preparation for our last day sailing back to Hoo on our delivery trip.

Symphony in Ramsgate

We had a successful, although hard, delivery trip back to the Medway from the Hamble in March where the wind seemed to be on the nose most of the way and was always high 20s or low 30s. At least it didn't rain.

Symphony at sea

Once we got to Ramsgate we thought we would have a fantastic broad reach back to the Medway but overnight the wind went right round to the west.

Symphony sailing home

Symphony is currently (January 2007) out of the water at Hoo and we hope to launch sometime in April. We are all hoping for a much better season this year as I am sure many others based in UK waters are.

Symphony at Hoo

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Re: Victoria 34 SYMPHONY

On Sunday, 3rd May 2009 a good number of boats from Hoo Ness Yacht Club in the River Medway paid a visit to Burnham on Crouch and amongst them was 'Symphony' with Mark and Sheesh Bloomfield.

Your website editor (Peter Cosker) was hailed by them, as he went for a local sail in the afternoon and was later entertained aboard 'Symphony' along with crew members from some of the other Hoo boats. Sheesh cooked a fine meal, which Jenny and I were invited to share.

No photographs were taken at the time but these images were recorded as 'Symphony' departed the following day.

Mark considers his options

'Symphony' departs

Going astern proves to be successful until, with clear water insight, 'Symphony' can go ahead.

We see that Sheesh is quietly confident with the boathook, whilst Mark has a firm hand on the wheel; 'Symphony' having recently been converted to wheel steering!

Steady as she goes

The River Crouch

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Re: Victoria 34 SYMPHONY

Mark sent us this update by email on the 23rd August 2011:

Just a quick note to say that we have moved Symphony from her berth at Hoo Marina and she is now based at Chatham Maritime.

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Re: Victoria 34 SYMPHONY

Sheesh and I managed to have a great week away in August on Symphony with five other boats from Hoo Ness Yacht Club based on the River Medway. We went to Woolverstone, Brightlingsea and Tollesbury. We had a great week and if anyone is interested one of our group has put together a short report with some pictures. It can be read here … ticleID=38

We were sorry to have missed the East Coast Social in Ipswich, but hope our East Coast friends had a great time.

Best wishes,

Mark and Sheesh

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Re: Victoria 34 SYMPHONY

Mark Hi
I am in the market for a VIc34.
I view your boat on the Medway  earlier this year.
The agents were not helpful
I have been away travelling/sailing and now am pursuing my intentions.
Did you sell Symphony  I thought she was a lovely boat but seem to have vanished from  web sites?
Many thanks
Richard Gaunt

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