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Victoria 34 for charter in the UK?

Ben Butler-Cole has e-mailed us to say:

'I've fallen for the Victoria 34 without ever having sailed one.  I'm trying to find one to charter to see if they are all they appear.  Do you know of any that are chartered in the UK?'

Can anyone help Ben with a pointer in the right direction?


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Re: Victoria 34 for charter in the UK?


I am the Chairman of Yachts within the VSA and own a Frances 34 which is the pilot house version of the Victoria.
One option for your charter would be to contact John Corden from Lymington who runs a small sailing school through his boat "Kipper".
John and Kipper featured in a Yachting Monthly "Me and My Boat" article in June 2012.
His e-mail address is john@kippersailing.co.uk or mobile 07768044045.
You have no doubt seen a Victoria for sale, if not an "announcement" to our membership might help the search process.

Jon Spencer


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