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Annual General Meeting and Luncheon
Sunday 25th November 2018
Linden House, 60-62 Upper Mall, London, W6 9TA

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of The Victoria Shadow Association will be held at 14.30 on Sunday 25th November 2018 at Linden House, Hammersmith, which is a charming four-storey riverside property currently used as a sailing and rowing clubhouse.  Located beside the River Thames and a ten minutes’ walk from Hammersmith Bridge or Ravenscourt Park tube stations.  By car access is via Oil Mill Lane, and parking is very limited.

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting will be as follows:

1.    Welcome from the Chairmen
2.    Apologies for Absence
3.    Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting
4.    Matters Arising
5.    Treasurer’s Report and Annual Accounts
6.    Secretary’s and Handbook Report
7.    Website Report and Resignation of Website Editor
8.    Waterlines Report
9.    Honorarium Changes
10.    Regional Reports from the Thames, South Coast, and East Coast
11.    Election of Officers of the Association
12.    Presentation of Trophies
13.    Any Other Business for Discussion
14.    Closing Remarks by the Chairman Yachts

Members wishing to attend the AGM should contact the Honorary Secretary by e-mail at or by phone 01489 581622, prior to Friday 2nd November 2018.  Those who wish to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf at the AGM should notify the Honorary Secretary by the same date.  Members who wish to propose an additional item to the Agenda should inform the Honorary Secretary with the proposal before Friday 26th October 2018, together with the name of the Member seconding the proposal, and a short brief that can be distributed to all Members prior to the AGM. 

Notes to the Annual General Meeting: Honorarium Changes

At the Autumn Committee Meeting Jon Spencer had reminded the Committee of the current situation with regard to the Honorarium received by the Honorary Secretary.  The annual amount was £200, which he currently shared equally with the Website editor.  This amount had been in place when Jon took over the Honorary Secretary’s responsibilities from Peter Cosker in 2013.  John Cade informed the Committee that the amount had been £300 per annum in earlier years.  The Committee were aware of the lack of a volunteer for the post of Honorary Secretary and accepted that similar difficulties might apply in attracting an individual to take over the role of Website Editor from Paul Townsend, when he steps down at the AGM.
Jon Spencer therefore proposed that the Honorarium be increased to £250, per annum, and also applied to both the Honorary Secretary and Website Editor at the same rate.  Jon suggested that if both tasks were combined it would provide £500 per annum for a member who might be willing to undertake both tasks.  He believed that since the Association had moved to greater use of electronic communications, and gained the associated savings with printing and postage that the accounts could afford this approach.
The Committee, including those not present, supported this proposal, with the exception of Richard Saunders.  Richard suggested that the Association should not pay people for being on the Committee and that the positions should be undertaken on a voluntary basis by people who were happy to give up their free time for the benefit of the Association.  He argued that the position of Website Editor was possibly the only one that required specific knowledge.  Richard accepted that he did not know how much time committee members had to put aside for Association business, but as long as they were not out of pocket and could claim legitimate expenses then their time should be given freely.
Those present agreed with Richard’s views but accepted the fact that persuading members to undertake these tasks was difficult and as no volunteer had been forthcoming for the role of Honorary Secretary during the past five years the same might apply to the soon to be vacant post of Website Editor.  The Committee agreed that the matter should be taken to the AGM for further discussions and a decision.

Proposed by Jon Spencer and seconded John Cade that an honorarium be paid to both the Honorary Secretary and Website Editor at a rate of £250 per annum, with effect from 2018/19.

Prior to the Annual General Meeting members may assemble in the first floor bar and luncheon will be served in the Commodore’s Room.  Timings are as follows:

12:00    Assemble in the bar overlooking the River Thames for coffee or drinks and to purchase wine for lunch.

13:00    Move to the Commodore’s Room for lunch.

14:30    Move to the Captain’s Room, on the ground floor for coffee, and the Annual General Meeting. 

16:00    The meeting should be brought to a close.

Election of Officers of the Association

All officers of the Association, who also make up the Committee, hold office for one year only and are re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The following officers have agreed to serve for a further term if elected:

Chairman Yachts

Jon Spencer
(Jon also carries out the duties of Honorary Secretary)

Chairman Motor Boats

Ian Rycroft

Honorary Treasurer

John Cade

Website Editor

(Volunteer required)

Journal Editor

Ian Rycroft

South Coast Regional Organiser

Richard Saunders

East Coast Regional Organisers

Alison and Peter Child

Handbook Editor

Lynda Spencer
(Lynda took over from Peter Cosker for the 2018 edition)

The post of Honorary Secretary remains unfilled, and that of Website Editor will become vacant after the AGM, and for which volunteers are required.

Members wishing to fill any of the above posts should be nominated by a member and notified to the Honorary Secretary Jon Spencer either by phone 01489 581622, e-mail or by post to the address below by Friday 26th October 2018.  There are also two “casual vacancies” available which members might consider filling to enable them to experience the working of the Committee prior to committing themselves to any specific post.

Luncheon Options

Chicken Liver Pate with Caramelised Onions and Warm Toast
Red Onion and Goats Cheese Tartlet


Free Range Chicken Breast wrapped in Pancetta served with a Grain Mustard Sauce, Creamed Potatoes and Vegetables
Seared Salmon with Crushed New Potatoes, Green Beans, and a Tomato and Caper Salsa


Apple, Mango, and Banana Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Tart with Steam Ginger and Orange


Coffee or tea will be served in the Captain’s Room at the beginning of the Annual General Meeting

Wine or other drinks for lunch can be purchased from the bar prior to moving to the Commodore’s Room for lunch.

Members wishing to attend the luncheon should contact the Honorary Secretary prior to Friday 26h October 2018, and express their menu preferences from the choices above by e-mail to or telephone 01489 581622.  The cost of lunch will be £25 per head which can be paid to the Treasurer on the day.


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