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On a bright and sunny day some twenty-six of us gathered at Warsash Sailing Club on the last Saturday in February for lunch, and the opportunity to swap our plans for the 2019 sailing season.  It is always a pleasure to be able to get together at Warsash, within sight of Stone Pier Yard where so many of our boats started their lives, in the hands of Victoria Marine.  It was great to greet new members as well as those of very long standing.  Prior to lunch four of us took the opportunity to hold our first Committee Meeting of the year in order to confirm plans and agree on the direction the Association should take in the future.

Although our events are often based geographically it is always good that members from across the Association can get together.   Amongst those present were founding members; John Cade, and Olive Hathaway.  Nigel and Jayne Scott were particularly pleased to have the opportunity to get together with Keith and Hazel Harrison who are all owners of two of the Victoria 38s.  Other yachting members included: Alan and Sheelagh Taylor; Alf Tracey; Jon and Lynda Spencer; Peter and Jenny Cosker; Richard and Meryl Saunders; Roy Dawkins; Sue Doyle; and Tim and Dee Clarke.  Some of our motor boat members, Ian and Tracy Rycoft, Pete and Kate Hunt, and John and Gillian Walker had found their way down from the Thames, and enjoyed the bright sunshine and sparkling waters of the River Hamble and Southampton Water. 

John Cade as usual organised a raffle which raised over £75 which, with prizes donated, helps to defray any costs involved with hosting the event.  Costs are minimal but we do have to thank the Commodore, and members of Warsash Sailing Club, for allowing us to meet at their Club.  Members of the Association are always welcome at Warsash Sailing Club, which has its own pontoon on the River Hamble, with walk ashore access.  Should any member wish to extend an invitation for the Association to visit their Club we would of course be delighted to hear from them.


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