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It is with sadness that we report the recent death of Peter Gregory.  For some years Peter has suffered with increasing infirmity and mobility issues.  However, it was excellent that he was able to join over 60 other members at our 25th Anniversary Lunch and re-establish his friendship with Chuck Paine, the designer of our Victoria and Frances boats.

Peter was at various times the Chairman and Managing Director of Victoria Marine, based at Stone Pier Yard, Warsash, Hampshire, where he oversaw the build and fitting-out of our boats.  The business produced sailing and motorboats and the Shadow range has also enjoyed the same longevity as their sailing sisters.

This dual production process was the initial catalyst for the establishment of the Victoria Shadow Association.  Both Peter and Olive Hathaway were the driving force during the early days of the Association and many of their trials and tribulations are contained within the early Association Newsletters which are available on the Association’s Website.

Individual members will have their own memories of Peter and they are invited and encouraged to add their contributions to this topic.


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