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Leaky rudder stock / new engine / Victoria 30

Hi all

Wondered if someone could help. I have a Victoria 30 moored now by the Isle of Wight. Lots of repair work has taken her to a nice state, but 2 issues remain.

Firstly, the rudder stock is leaking about a litre a day. There is what looks like a gravity fed greaser there, which does not seem to do much. I was looking for advice on how to address this (presume: unbolt it all, and repack), and how difficult the repair would be (assuming this has never been done for a long time and bolts etc are all seized up).

Secondly, the engine (Yanmar 2GMF) has low compression, and seems to go through oil at quite a rate (oil goes black quickly and some seems to end up in cooling water, though not vice versa thankfully). It’s also a bit whiffy. Whilst it still works fine, this is not ideal. I’m assuming head gasket / cylinder issues which are probably not worth fixing on a 1980s engine. I’m thinking of replacing it, and wondering what would be compatible engines, and how difficult the install would be.

All advice appreciated!

Many thanks



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Re: Leaky rudder stock / new engine / Victoria 30

It's odd, I can't even find a Yanmar 2GF on the 'net... ahh, because it's actually a 2GF20(F). Your best bet for a full replacement is probably to contact Yanmar and ask them for the installation manual for that engine, or at least the critical dimensions like engine mount spacing, length, width, height etc. Then you can see if any of their 2 series will fit, or if you need to go Beta Marine, Volvo etc. Could be worth finding a friendly local mechanic and ask their opinion of the symptoms; at least you'll have a repair cost that you can benchmark against.

I can't say I have any good advice about your rudder stock. My approach would be to find a cheap dry-land spot for the boat (since it's still summer, can't be too many boats hauled out), and tackle the problem with the optional advice of a local engineer or other boat owner who can honestly say they've done that kind of job before.

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Re: Leaky rudder stock / new engine / Victoria 30

Hi.  I have just had a new engine in my V30.  I was advised to have a Yanmar 2YM15.  Was told the 20 is too long for the current space so would require carpentry work too.

Have used the engine for 86 hours so far and other than motoring out of Ouistreham straight into a F4 and lumpy sea have found the power to be fine.  I cruise at 2200 revs giving me 5 kts in a flat sea.



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