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As we approach the 2018 Annual General Meeting applications are invited from members in respect of the The Best Log Cup.  The Cup, which has also been described as the Victoria II Cup, was presented to the Victoria Shadow Association by Tim Gearing of Classic Marine International Limited.  The Cup was first awarded in 2004 and is presented for The Best Log written up by a member of the Association following a cruise recently undertaken.  The criteria can include: Route Plan; Information about the Passage, Conditions, and Gear; Ports and Anchorages; Pictures; People Interest; and Humour. 

In 2017 the format for judging applications, for the award, was changed to include all those within the membership who wished to participate.  Ten Logs, in various forms, were submitted to the Association and all had been uploaded onto the Association Website.  The Cup was awarded to Colin Reid and his Log, “Tui to Ireland”.

Members who wish their Logs to be included within the judging process should contact the Honorary Secretary, Jon Spencer at ( and draw his attention to where their Log can be found.  This could be within the Association Website or as a blog linked to the Association Website.  He will then pass that information to the membership who will undertake the judging process and the winner will be announced at the AGM in November.

It is hoped that all those who have undertaken extended passages will submit an application.


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