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#1 2023-06-06 15:45:14

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Wanted - Yankee Jib for F26 Cutter

My F26 Mithril has a large roller furling genoa (9.65m luff length), and came with it's original staysail, not in great condition and a variety of other headsails, near new, none of which on inspection fit the boat mad.

I understand previous owners just sailed her as a sloop.

The over large genoa makes tacking a little challenging as the large sail has to be dragged through a relatively narrow gap between the fore and baby stays.

If the sail is rolled before tacking she does not point well and gets stuck in irons if there is significant swell to knock her head off again.

I would like to try restoring the cutter rig as I suspect the smaller headsails may make her easier to handle and give additional reefing options.

I am led to believe the rig I have is the taller of the two alternatives used by Victoria Marine.

Does anyone have an unwanted roller reefing yankee jib (with ~9.65m luff) they might part with; so I can try this before going to the expense of having a new sails made (and subsequently discovering that I was wrong).

Many Thanks



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