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Frances 26 turning blocks for outhaul and reefing lines

The reefing lines on my F26 have excessive friction and have not been rigged correctly, and lines are not reeved for the 3rd reef.

First time I have had a boat with lines led aft and given recent experience with them jamming it will be the last unless I can improve it!

As built she had 3 reefs and the outhaul led back to the cockpit along with the main halyard and topping lift.
Clutches winches and deck organizers are still in place for this.

She was home completed (with a Bowman spar kit) so details differ from the yard built models.

Pictures of her early voyages show she has always had cabin top winches and all lines led aft.

Diagram from the original build shows the set up of reefing lines in/on the boom for all 3 reefs and the outhaul, so I can correct  the boom rigging.

However, I am struggling with the attachment for turning blocks at or near the mast base.
Because the coach-roof steps up just aft of the mast deck mounted blocks can't be used to provide a good lead to the organizers then aft to clutches and winches.

Does anyone else have an F26 with lines led aft who can offer a good solution to allow 4 turning blocks (and 6 lines) at the correct height

At present

The main halyard is internal and exits from a box sheeve at the correct height.
There are two eyes in the track at the base of the mast one of which is used for the kicker, the other has 2 single blocks for reef 1 and 2 (there is little space to fit double blocks and all need to swivel independently)
The topping uses an odd block on an eye riveted to the port side of the mast.
The outhaul has no purchase and is just tied to the boom.


I need two more turning blocks for the 3rd reef and outhaul
Any suggestions / pictures gratefully received

Many Thanks



#2 2023-07-03 09:51:58

From: Langkawi, Malaysia
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Re: Frances 26 turning blocks for outhaul and reefing lines

I would advise you to scrap the lines led aft principle, and revert to winches on the mast. On a Frances 26, it is so easy to handle reefing at the mast. This saves a huge amount of line, blocks, organizer jammers and results in more efficient reefing, and a less cluttered cockpit.


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