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Rigging tension for a Victoria 800

I appreciate that when setting rig tension there is no precise standard figure. But with four sets of spreaders, two forestays and a back stay,  it would be helpful to have a starting point to work from. I have recently re-stepped the mast on my 1998 Victoria 800 and although I have put the turnbuckles back where they were, it doesn't feel quite right. I have spoke with Seldon and Allspars who supplied the mast and they simply direct me to use a rigger. Being in the N.E of Scotland Riggers are like pigeons water, so not and option. Can anyone help with some suggested figures?


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Re: Rigging tension for a Victoria 800

Since it is up and tensioned, I would:

Look at the rake:   Alter based on how the boat is sailing eg. weather helm.
Check top is upright - eg use a halyard and make sure it reaches to the same place on both sides of the deck.
Sight the mast to check straight and not S shaped (port to std).
Look at any pre-bend.   Difficult to not have any with the cutter, but you will be looking at maybe half a mast diameter.

Francesca (F26 cutter) is currently:
Backstay 12%
Check stays 17%
Aft inner  14%
Forward inner  15%
Cap 13%
Baby stay between 10 and 11%

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