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F34 PH Steering system issues.

Could anyone please explain/advise me how the solenoid change over button works with the duel steering position? Probably best with a wiring diagram? I would suggest this is not just a Frances 34 issue but all boats with duel steering stations may have similar systems?

Ive had a few problems with mine, the button in the cockpit doesn't and on a couple of occasions the button in the pilot house has been inadvertently activated disabling the manual steering wheel in the cockpit, by powering and locking hydraulic ram, normally at times when I really need it! Leaving me to rush into the PH to reset the button.
I believe the solenoid connection from the Raymarine AP Evo 200 computer is a separate system? At the very least I would like to change it from a button to a switch that cannot inadvertently be activated.

I may remove it to simplify the system as at the moment internal wheel its just a reservoir for the hydraulic fluid with a lengthy supply pipe. In 1997 this may have been a state of the art system but in 2023 its a little dated.


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