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#1 2023-11-29 18:58:19

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Bow roller on Frances 26

Does anyone have experience of removing the bow roller unit on a Frances 26 (1988)? We would like to change / redesign the port side roller as no holding pin, so to minimise the opportunity for the mooring chain / strop jumping out in boisterous conditions.

Interested in anyone who has removed the whole double roller unit (as per picture):

• Do the 6 central bolts screw down into the bowsprit, or is there a locking plate hiding beneath?
• Has anyone replaced / improved the design of the port-side roller... custom made or an off the shelf unit (as I believe was the case previously). Would then need re-welding / fabricating as necessary.
• Offer any advice or ideas for replacement / improving / fitting etc

Many thanks in advance for any views or thoughts.

Bryan (F26 - Erica)



#2 2023-11-30 18:19:48

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Re: Bow roller on Frances 26

That is not the same fitting as is on Francesca, of similar vintage.   Francesca has a number of countersunk self tapping screws, and a bolt (or studding) through the bow sprit.    Easy to remove - all screws came out easily as did the studding (or whatever it is).   Sat on old sealant with no particular grip left.   Yours is also wider.   I would imagine yours is held with coach screws.      If you message me with your email address I can send some photos if this is helpful.

I wonder if it is possible to lower the roller, or introduce a second lower roller, enabling the anchor to park without the risk of banging into the bowsprit.   The CQR perhaps only needs a bit of protection, but it is more of a pain with a Rocna or various other modern design anchors.


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