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Beta 16 installation



Hi All.  Thought I'd post an update on the install of my Beta 16. I sold my engine to Marine Enterprises Ltd in Dorset who gave me a generous price which included them arranging a courier for collection.>.

I took the advice of the chap fitting it who has fitted some 26 Betas of different sizes and opted for the TMC60 angled gearbox and the shallow sump. Hugh modified the engine beds with  timber under the angled aluminium to give more height.  Concerned by the space to fit the PSS stern gland and on the advice of Simon at TW Norris we did away with Beta's flexible coupling and opted for a Brunton Sigmoid coupler, which Simon advised was an excellent piece of kit.  I chose the keyless panel.  Hugh the installer also added a header tank in my case bolted to the casing for the morse lever in the port locker. Andy Notts the local Beta agent advised an electric fuel pump which is wired to the heater so kicks in automatically. Hugh also moved the anti syphon from the starboard locker where it sat rather inaccessible above the calorifier screwed in to the bulkhead at the rear of the heads to the inner edge of the locker, opposite the morse, to give it more height and make it more central. It all looks very neat and tidy but I have to wait to launch until May.

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