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Hummingbird is one of the six Frances 34’s made by Victoria Yachts ( Hull by North Shore ) completed in 1999 and owned by us since 2014. The keel was coppercoated in 2014 and the 7 keel bolts ( visible in the bilges) have been regularly checked . There has never been any indication of movement or problems . This year when Hummingbird was lifted there seems to have been some damage to the coppercoat on the front of the keel and to the “tape” which covers the joint and is under the copper coat . Just considering whether to properly inspect the keel next winter by undoing the keel bolts and dropping the keel . Any thoughts comments or experience would be very welcome. If only you could take an Xray ! Thank you Victor and Amanda Tettmar Skippers of Hummingbird ( based at Mayflower Marina Plymouth ).( 6 pics in the attached document )


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